We all love our tech toys – the phones, the watches, the drones, the thermostats that not only control your home from anywhere in the world but also make bacon and tell you how your hair looks (ok that doesn’t exist quite yet). There seems to be a number of gadgets for everything right now, and your pets have their own too.

Tech gear available for dogs goes from tracking devices to toys to medical accessories.

Here’s some of my favorite ones:

  1. iFetch

    When you have a dog with lots of energy, sometimes you get tired of throwing a ball before it will. So what can you do? Problem solved thanks to the iFetch (goifetch.com).
    The iFetch is an automatic ball launcher made for dogs with high energy. This toy has won awards for design and innovation three years running, and looks like a great addition to your dog’s playtime.
    The concept is simple: drop a tennis ball in the feeder and it shoots out the front. Getting your dog to drop it in the feeder itself would take some training but looking at the large number of videos on YouTube, its totally possible.
    There is a small version that takes mini tennis balls (iFetch) and a large version for larger dogs (iFetch Too)which takes normal tennis balls.
    While this should never take over actual playtime between you and your dog, it could definitely help with the times when you’re trying to work (or write this article) and your dog is sitting by you looking disappointed with a toy in their mouth….

  2. PetChatz

    For those of us not wanting to leave our dogs alone at home during the work day, or for those wanting to keep an eye on them while we’re away, PetChatz (petchatz.com)is the tech to use.
    Part webcam, part treat feeder, PetChatz is a device that lets you see your pets and lets them see you, from anywhere you are.
    This device hooks up to an app on your phone or tablet, and lets you ‘call’ your home-based unit for a 2-way chat with your pets. There is also an accessory that lets you pet hit a button to call you. You can then talk to them, comfort them, and even dispense treats.

  3. GoPro Fetch

    We talked about this GoPro Gear in a previous post, but had to add it here since it is pretty cool. This is a harness for dogs that has two clips for GoPro cameras, allowing you to record what your dog sees. This would make for a fun day on some forest trails or playing in the water. The harness is made for rough play, and lets you strap the GoPro on top or below your dog.

  4. GoBone

    Another interesting new tech toy for your dog is the GoBone (mygobone.com). Termed a ‘smart bone’, this toy is essentially a remote-controlled (or automated) toy bone that rolls around the floor, can hide from your dog, is almost indestructible and can give your dog hours of interaction with or without you. The GoBone has areas for treats to be hidden, can be used for fetch and even has a smartphone app that lets you control it.
    The battery life states 8 hours, so you won’t have to charge very often, and while this isn’t a substitute for a walk or interaction with you, this could help distract a dog for long enough to get a chore done!

  5. Voyce

    When you love a pet as much as you should love a dog, you need to care about their health. Normally caring for health means good food, good exercise and a regular vet visit, but with new technology, you can look into your pet’s health yourself. Enter Voyce (voyce.com), a dog collar that has a number of sensors in it that sync to a health monitor to give you up to date info on how your dog is doing. Get details like heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned and distance travelled, all conveniently on your phone or computer. This tech, while somewhat pricey, would make worrying about your dog’s health a bit easier, as you can tell that he’s not sleeping or has an elevated heart rate.
    This doesn’t replace a vet visit, but could be a great add-on to your pet’s health regime.

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