Who are we?
We are dog lovers just like you!  Our lives revolve around our four-legged family members.

Why start DogLifeGear.com?
Our goal for this site is to show you new, fun, unique but overall useful products for your dog. We wanted to start this site because a lot of new pet products coming out now are so creative and useful that we had trouble keeping up with them ourselves. Now we are showcasing some of the coolest dog gear we can find. Why wouldn’t we want the most innovative things for our furry friends?

Dog Product Creators/Marketers:
Do you have a new product for dogs coming out? Or maybe you’ve got the best harness or travel bowl on the market and you want an honest article/review about it. We’re looking for great dog products to feature on this site. Contact us with your details and we’ll talk.
We’re also open to guest posts, so feel free to send us details if you’ve got a product or review you want to post!