Who ever said that useful dog gear has to be boring? Not I.

The Baxter Dog Backpack from Kurgo is one of those essential pieces of equipment for dogs that hike with us that also looks pretty darn nice. With 4 colors to choose from including blue, sea glass (greenish-grey), red and black/orange, your dog will hike in style.


This harness pack is small enough that they won’t notice while hiking but large enough to carry the essentials (poop bags, water, treats, etc).  The regular Baxter Backpack holds approximately 3.75L of space, while the Big Baxter can carry 7.5.

Kurgo products are built strong, to survive the elements and a romp though the woods. This dog harness has 8 adjustable strap areas, so it can be fitted onto most dogs. There are two sizes to begin with as well, so you can choose the proper sizing from the start.

As with all good hiking harnesses, it comes with a handle on the back which can help your pup up steeper areas, or pull them out of the water. There is also a rear-mounted leash hook for when you need to hook them up.  Just a note,  this pack is not made for really strong pullers, we recommend using a collar and leash if your dog pulls.


The Baxter harness is built for comfort, with the ergonomic spine support being padded and made to spread the weight out along the dog’s back. There are multiple reflectors built into the harness as well, so even in the dim light, your pup will be safe.

Be sure to adjust the weight as evenly as possible, so your dog isn’t lop-sided, and never put too much weight on your dog.

You can read all the reviews on Amazon.com before you decide to buy! Now go hike with your pup!


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