One of the dog gear trends I’ve been seeing recently is a push for hands-less leashes. I’m not sure if this is due to a higher number of manicured fingers (*jokes*) or perhaps with more people getting out and jogging with their dogs, hands-free is much more useful.

Whichever reason it is, hands free leashes are now becoming more common and there are a wider range of them available, and the Dakota Hands Free Leash is on of the better ranked ones.

dakota hands free leash 3

The concept of the Dakota Hands-free Leash is very simple: instead of holding the leash in your hand, it clips to a belt that you wear, using a bungee-style leash that condenses when the dog isn’t pulling (avoiding having excess leash dragging around you).

The bungee aspect of these leashes are key. The Dakota leash extends to 72″, which lets your dog stay far enough away to not run under your feet, but then condenses down again when they’re close, so the leash isn’t on the ground, a very important thing if you’re running with the dog. The bungee also gives it a ‘shock absorbing’ property, so if you’re running a the dog veers off a bit, it won’t suddenly pull you over, but you’d have at least an indication of what you should do.

The Dakota Hands Free Leash also has a handle close to the collar clip to let you hold¬†the dog close when walking in areas it shouldn’t be roaming around (like across streets, or near new people). There is a second handle right by the belt clip, so you can use it as a normal leash, or just have it there to control the dog if needed.

dakota hands free leash 2

This leash has reflective material woven into the handles, which is a great addition, giving an extra bit of safety at night or in darker conditions.

While the Dakota Hands Free Leash is made with strong materials, I would still make sure your dog is good with running beside you before testing it out fully. Untrained dogs will still pull, dodge and stop suddenly, which can put extreme pressure on both the leash and your body (imagine a 75 lbs dog running beside you, clipped to your belt, suddenly stopping – that is a lot of anchor weight). Definitely use this style of leash with trained dogs, or use it slowly to train your pup to run with you.

Read more about the Dakota leash here on Amazon, and definitely check out the reviews Рoverall they are great.

Happy running!

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