A new tech term had to be created for the GoBone: the “smart bone”. And this is one seriously smart bone.

This bone has blown through its target on Kickstarter, and with 20 days left (as of this writing), who knows where it’ll get to.

GoBone Logo

The GoBone is following a wave of smart tech for dogs (see Furbo), and is literally what it sounds like: A bone-shaped dog toy that is automated, controlled from your smart phone, and does a number of things with your dog.

The bone will move around your house, letting your dog chase it, or you can program it to play games like hide and seek (it stays still till the dog gets it), or even fetch using your smart phone as a Wii Remote-type of control.

This dog toy is great for those pups left alone during the day, as it will entertain your dog for hours. The sides have an area for treats as well, to motivate your dog to chase it.

GoBone back


Built to be rugged, water proof and shock proof, the GoBone should endure the most playful dogs.

While this toy isn’t a replacement for a walk or your personal attention, I can see it being great as a way to occupy your dog for a bit of their day, or maybe if you’re trying to make dinner and they’re in your way.

A key design element with the GoBone is that it comes apart so every piece can be cleaned separately, which makes sense since you can add treats like peanut butter to the inside of the wheels or in the grooves of the body. This feature also lets you swap out parts if they become too chewed up, which I think is great as you then don’t have to buy a whole new toy if the rest of it works still.

GoBone Smartphone App

The GoBone’s app lets you fully control the toy – think of it like a RC Racecar with smartphone controls – and lets you record video from your phone as you play with the pup. You can then share the video or connect to the (soon to come) GoBone Social Feed.

For the next 20 days, help them out on Kickstarter – give $149 and get a GoBone once its launched – and be the envy of all your puppy’s friends.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/santiagogutierrez/gobone-all-day-play-for-you-and-your-dog
Official Website: https://mygobone.com

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