As a dog owner, especially if your dog is larger and getting older, you’re aware that jumping to higher levels may get harder with time. For larger dogs that have owners with bigger cars like a truck, jeep or SUV, sometimes its hard to jump into the back, and if the dog is large enough, its hard to lift them up. This is where great simple inventions like the Heininger Twistep Dog Hitch Step come in to save the day.

The Twistep connects to your car’s trailer hitch and provides an extra step for pups who need it. This device actually swings under the truck when not in use, which (if it fits your car) I think is brilliant. This provides your pet with a low-imact, easier on the joints way to get up and down out of the truck bed or back of the SUV.


The step is also great for younger dogs who just can’t jump into the back yet, giving them an extra in-between step to jump to. Training your dog to use this as a puppy is a great idea, since then they’ll always use it then, and could save their joints in the future.

The step is called ‘multi-use’ since it can hold up to 400 pounds (probably not that often), so you or your other humans can use it for a step or seat if the back of the truck/suv is too high as well.


The functionality of the Twistep is very simple and made to be used one handed (like if your other hand is holding a leash!). Once installed, you simply pull up on the lock lever and swivel the step from hiding under the car to sticking out for your dog to use. There are a number of height settings as well for when you’re setting it up, so you can position it best to fit under the truckbed/tailgate.

As an alternative to a ramp, this is a great idea. Takes up less space, requires very little for setup, and can be used for other purposes.



Definitely check out the reviews online first, just to gauge if this will work for you.

See the Heininger Twistep Dog Hitch Step on Amazon for more details/photos/reviews.



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