Any dog owner knows that when you pack for a trip, be it a one hour hike or a road trip to granny’s, packing for your pup can be an ordeal. You’ve got poop bags, treats, food, water, toys, etc. And all seem to have to fit into that small bag in your car.

So when we come across products that help with travel and are quite ingenious, we know we have to talk about them.


Now the Travel Pet Bowl Carrier Kit by Northern Outback is one of those products that are so simple, yet I kick myself for not thinking of it first.

I have collapsible bowls for my dog, and they come with a clip so you can hook them to anything to carry, but what Northern Outback did was combine two collapsible dog bowls into a convenient carrying case.

The key benefit of this is that you don’t have to have two separate bowls with you on your trip; they both fit into the carrier and you can just take them out and put them back when needed.

The bowls are made of silicone and are built strong and made to not tip over. The larger version of this product measures 7″ wide by 3″ high when fully expanded, which makes for a very large bowl (good for big dogs!). The bowls can also be expanded only half way, so smaller dogs or puppies can use them without trouble.


When collapsed down, the carrier bag measures about 8.5″ wide by 1.75″ tall, which is quite thin. The case also has a carabiner so you can clip it to a backpack or belt loop while hiking.

When you order this product (and really, you should if you do any kind of travelling with a medium to large dog), you also get a collapsible water bottle that has another carabiner with it. While I’m really not a fan of this type of water bottle (I find they don’t hold much and are just annoying to deal with), getting a free bonus product is never a bad thing. And really, if you have it, you can use it, right?

What I would do with this product is on simple trips like hiking that spans a dinner time, is ziplock a bag of food, and put it between the bowls in the carrier. Then you have the food and the bowls all together. Now I haven’t tried this yet, and my dog needs two full cups of food each meal, so not sure if that’ll work, but its something to try!

Find the Northern Outback SUPERSIZED Travel Pet Bowl Carrier on Amazon and get travelling with your pup!

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