When you take your pup camping, and you’re really ruffing it (pun intended), meaning no trailer or nice soft cushion to sleep on, you should really consider getting something like the Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag.


This is especially useful if your dog isn’t the kind that likes cold nights and you’re more likely to wake up with him trying to wiggle into your sleeping bag with you.

The Highlands Sleeping Bag is lightweight, and compresses fairly small to allow for easy packing. Its got enough padding that your dog should be comfortable in it, and you can also get the additional ‘Landing Pad’ that goes into a built-in sleeve for added comfort.

The bag can be used two ways – first as a basic bed, with it fully open, giving your dog a nice large bed to sleep on. Or if its colder at night, you can zip your dog into it (with enough of an opening for breathing), and they’ll stay toasty warm.

The fabric is tear-resistant, and is waterproof, so it should last fairly well. It has four stake loops in case you want to tie it down (not helpful in a tent, but could be good on a mat outside).


The sleeping bag weighs about 1 pound, and stuffs into a provided bag to a size of about 12×7 inches.

I know my own dog wouldn’t want to be wrapped in it (she is normally way too hot anyway), but it would be good as a bed and to have the option to wrap her just in case is a good thing.

Definitely check out the Ruffwear underpad as well.


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