Upcycling and re-purposing furniture has been a trend for a while now. People get creative with old barn board or wooden doors or metal pipes and you can get some amazingly intricate pieces of usable art.

This trend has now spread to other items that your household could need (and want), including furniture and accessories for your pets.

This is where Scallywags Pet FURniture excels, with a line of pet-centric furniture and home accessories.


Scallywags defines themselves as “a “GREEN” company that creates high-quality, unique pet furniture and accessories from recycled items that you will be proud to have in your home”.

Based in Chicago, this company creates unique items ranging from leash-and-treat holders made from rustic wood, jars and keys to beds made from old suitcases or drawers. With 90% of their creations being reused materials, this is a company that is worth supporting.


To make it even better, 10% of all their sales are donated to Young At Heart Pet Rescue – a Chicago-based organisation that helps rescue and give older dogs a new home.

Check out their page on Etsy and follow them on Twitter for updates!


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